Building girls’ confidence at school Resources for teachers to empower teen girls teaching them  self-awareness self-talk self-belief

Concerned about girls in your class lacking confidence?

As a teacher are you noticing how many girls lack self-belief in themselves? How this impacts their aspirations and outlook, and can hold them back at school.  But you lack the time to create resources for building girls’ confidence at school.

Teen girls face many pressures in our highly sexualised, appearance-obsessed, social media absorbed culture. This often causes anxiety affecting girls’ well-being. This can prevent them making the progress they are capable of. Since 2014 Confident Teens has been building girls’ confidence at school through live workshops. To be able to support teachers, and reach more girls, we are now offering online training and resources for teachers, so they can run confidence-building sessions themselves in schools with teen girls.

The empowering approach of our materials enables girls to build self-awareness, inner confidence and bigger ambitions, so they are able to best navigate their teen years and beyond.

Training and resources for teachers

We are putting the tools and resources of our workshops into the hands of teachers, to enable them to build girls’ confidence at school. Having designed and delivered the sessions with hundreds of girls in many different schools, they have a proven track record. We know that girls engage well with the material, and it helps them see themselves differently, raise their aspirations and develop pride in their individuality. The sessions are suitable for girls aged 11 to 14. The resources are flexible to use, so you can choose whether to run a two hour Confidence Workshop, or shorter 20 minute sessions, perhaps in a lunchtime or after-school club.

However you choose to use the workshop materials for building girls’ confidence at school, you’ll find them easy to understand and straightforward to use. We provide all resources you need (slides, notes and student worksheet PDFs) to run sessions to empower girls.

The first online training available is the Teachers resources for Building girls’ confidence We will also be developing further courses.

“It was excellent. I have a sense of confidence and feel more positive and ambitious for the future”

13 year old student after Building Confidence workshop

“This Building Confidence workshop inspired our students to believe in themselves and grow in confidence. Highly recommended”


Impact of Confidence Workshop in schools:


95% of girls rate the workshops as excellent or good,
with two-thirds reporting a positive change in their attitude and approach.

Building girls’ confidence – empower your students quickly and easily

colourful panel for building girls confidence at school new resources

We understand how time-pressed teachers are, you won’t need to do any additional research to use these resources; they are immediately available on an online platform.  Encompassing the five elements of building girls’ confidence at school:

  • Self-awareness
  • Goal-setting
  • Building body confidence
  • Expressing ourselves confidently
  • How we talk to ourselves

Every session includes slides, notes and student worksheets. For a video tour of training and further details visit Teacher resources for building girls confidence.

See for yourself the quality and ethos of this training and resources for building girls’ confidence at school

Student and teacher feedback


“I’ve learnt to ignore what others think, do what I love and learn to be happy with myself”

Student (aged 14)

“I’ve learnt how to be confident and who I really am and I’ve learnt how to be true and positive to myself”

Student (aged 13)

“I learnt that celebrities are not always good role models for image and that I should respect myself more”

Student (aged 14)

Ideas and activities for empowering teen girls

3 ideas for classroom activities to build girls’ confidence

3 ideas for classroom activities to build girls’ confidence

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Three ways to improve girls’ body confidence

Three ways to improve girls’ body confidence

Do you feel both frustrated and concerned that so many girls in your classes are constantly worried about their appearance? That this preoccupation with how they look affects their concentration in the class-room? Even that their self-consciousness about their bodies holds them back from putting their hand up?

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