Boost girls’ confidence….to help them progress at school

Concerned about girls in your class whose anxiety prevents them progressing at school?

But don’t have the time to create confidence-building resources to help them?

You’re in the right place.

I’m Caroline Walker and I’ve run hundreds of confidence workshops with teen girls at schools.

I’ve now taken five of the most popular activities and created this easy-to-use PDF, to enable teachers like you to run these confidence-building activities yourself.

The PDF provides everything you need.  Each activity is 10 minutes long, so they are suitable for form time, as part of a PSHE lesson, or as intervention with specific students. Each activity includes an introduction, key points for delivery and an idea for reflection at the conclusion.

The five activities are:

  1. Developing self-awareness
  2. Setting a clear goal
  3. Exposing photoshopping
  4. Expressing ourselves assertively
  5. Speaking kindly to ourselves

Pop your email in the box below and you’ll receive the PDF straight away.  It will also be emailed to you for easy reference.


About Confident Teens

I set up Confident Teens in 2014 because I was concerned about the impact of our appearance-obsessed culture on teen girls.  The media communicating that the only thing that matters is their appearance.  Wrong!  

Teen girls have so much to offer; their creativity, kindness, sense of humour, persistence, community-spirit and so much more.  But with all the pressures of the teen years, girls often doubt themselves, question their every move and worry about pretty much everything.  

Without support and understanding, this lack of confidence can hold girls back at school, limit their aspirations and significantly impact their futures.

Confident Teens offers online resources that teachers can use to run confidence-building sessions with girls.  

This PDF of 5 easy classroom activities to boost girls’ confidence gives you examples of our approach.  

Teacher resources
for empowering teen girls