Be Yourself. Love Yourself. Pre-recorded Video

By watching this pre-recorded video and doing the accompanying exercises, your daughter will be able to recognise her unique qualities, value her individuality and gently grow her confidence,

You know how great your daughter is but…

…she sometimes doubts herself
…at times she compares herself to others and feels she falls short
…although you do your best to encourage and support her, you feel she doesn’t always hear you
…you’re concerned these doubts and lack of confidence might intensify as she gets older

I can help…

This pre-recorded video will support your daughter to develop her self-awareness – enabling her to see her strengths, understand her uniqueness and become proud of her individuality.

(And when I say “daughter” it could be your niece, younger sister, god-daughter or family friend you feel could benefit from this class)

During this pre-recorded video, I’ll be teaching your daughter: 


  • To appreciate her uniqueness
  • To build her self-awareness and appreciation through fun activities
  • To recognise the talents and skills she is already developing
  • A quick confidence boost technique to use anytime
  • To develop kinder self-talk

“I’ve learnt how to be happier and more confident.”
Feedback from  girl after a class with Caroline

“Be yourself, your own opinion is the most important.”
Feedback from girl after a class with Caroline 

“My daughter regularly talks about ways you taught her how to deal with situations.”
Parent of girl who attended a course run by Caroline

Caroline Walker wearing pink zebra shirt who is founder of Confident Teens Ltd welcoming parents and carers

I’m Caroline Walker, and I’m passionate about supporting, encouraging and empowering girls to believe in themselves and be proud of who they are. 

I started this work as I was so concerned about the many pressures on girls, teens and young women now.  Not only about their appearance, but pressures on how they perform at school, the complexity of friendship issues and of course the impact of social media.  And so much more. 

I have been working with children and teenagers since 2014 with my own organisation, Confident Teens, and have supported hundreds of girls in dozens of schools.

I take a practical, good humoured and supportive approach in my videos.   

In this pre-recorded video I share some tips and ideas, and encourage girls to take time and space to think about things for themselves, and gently grow their self-belief.

How it works

  • This is a pre-recorded video which is 25 minutes long.  
  • It includes some four enjoyable exercises for girls to do, so your daugther can reflect on herself and her strengths (just a pen and paper is needed).
  • The materials includes a PDF with tips for parents / carers about the recording.

 This pre-recorded video is not intended as therapy or counselling.  The video is intended to gently encourage young people to recognise their strengths.  it is parents / carers responsibility to consult with medical professions about the use of these materials, if your young person is recieving (or waiting to receive) treatment for mental health issues, for example eating disorders, severe anxiety, self-harming, or depression.  

Be Yourself. Love Yourself.
Pre-recorded video

For 10-12 year old girls


Be Yourself. Love Yourself.
Pre-recorded video

For 13 – 16 year olds – coming soon


How do I know this will work?

I can’t guarantee any specific result.  But I do guarantee that in the pre-recorded video I encourage your daughter to reflect on herself and her strengths, to inspire her to value herself.  

How do I convince my daughter to watch this?

This is something I hear from a lot of parents. They want their girls to watch these types of recordings but girls themselves are uncertain. I’d suggest you explain that the video includes me sharing some ideas of how she can think about herself. It’s ideas she can listen to, and make up her own mind about. There are some simple exercises for her to do as part of it. But she doesn’t send me the answers or anything like that, it’s just for her to think about her own ideas.

Should my daughter watch this by herself?

This will depend entirely on your daughter’s personality and how she is feeling.  I’ll suggest a few ideas, for you to consider…she could watch it on her own, and then chat with you about it (the materials include a PDF with tips for parents/carers); she could watch it with you; or perhaps she could watch it with a supportive friend and they can share their ideas.  I’d suggest you and your daughter have a chat about it and decide what she’d prefer.

Is there any follow-up after the video?

There is no follow-up available after girls have watched this pre-recorded video.  Over time further pre-recorded videos on other topics will become available.  Confident Teens is not able to offer advice about specific situations that girls or parents/carers are experiencing.  If you are looking for additional support, another resource to consider is the parents helpline at Young Minds, the mental health charity 

I’m interested in this, but my daughter is older than 12, what can you offer her?

If your daughter is 13 years old, this pre-recorded video could be suitable for her.  As you’ll be aware, every girl is different in their attitudes and approaches.  I have suggested that 10-12 years old is the appropriate age group for this recording, but these materials have also been popular with 13 year old girls.

I will be introducing pre-recorded videos for girls aged 13-16 later in 2024.  You can register your details here to find out when this is available.