Benefits for Schools

There are so many pressures on schools to perform well. Whilst there is the ongoing emphasis on exam results for league tables and Ofsted, every school knows that teenage years are about much more than exam performance.

It’s at this time that young people are forming their identity, their interests, and talents, and most importantly developing that all-important sense of who they are as a person. Developing their confidence and resilience to handle the ups and downs of life is central to this.

Schools which have worked with us have benefited in the following ways:

Students progressing personally and academically

Through the Building Resilience Programme we help students to improve their self-awareness, and to develop a more positive attitude to themselves. One session focuses on ‘Goals and aspirations’ and girls are encouraged to consider their future career and set clear goals for themselves for the short and long term. A coaching approach is taken throughout the sessions, so that the students themselves develop their strategies for handling different pressures. These new skills and attitudes enable students to be engaged at school, which helps them to progress in their self-development and academically.

Raising attainment

For some students going outside of their comfort zone can be challenging. One of the sessions focuses on developing the skills and mindset for ‘Speaking Confidently’. Through a number of different activities the confidence of the girls is increased over the session. They are encouraged to choose a particular subject where they will make a focused effort to answer questions and contribute verbally. They are then encouraged to extend this confidence to other subjects. Teachers have fed back the signficiant impact this has had on some students, and how this has increased their attainment.  One teacher commented: “This student has always been an excellent  student on paper, but would not speak up.  Now she engages in class discussion, leads group tasks and offers to read things out and give answers in front of the whole class.”

Effective investment of Pupil Premium

Schools may choose to fund some students through Pupil Premium. The Building Resilience Programme is an effective, focused way to invest in these students, to help close the gap for their achievement at school. It is possible to provide feedback on the difference seen in the attitude and approach of Pupil Premium students, over the course of the programme, to demonstrate the impact of the Pupil Premium investment.

Measurement of programme

At Confident Teens we understand that measuring the effectiveness of our programmes is key. Every girls completes a feedback form at the end of each workshop, and feedback is also requested from teachers and parents. Both qualitative and quantitative results are summarised into a clear report for discussion with the school.

Fresh perspective from external facilitators

An external facilitator can bring a different perspective to students, challenging their assumptions and helping them to develop fresh thinking and set themselves clear goals.

Our workshops are available to schools in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire and London.

Let’s talk

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“An excellent course, the girls’ confidence has definitely improved.  Great resources and it was delivered very well. Inspiring!”


“The learning environment made the girls feel at ease and they were keen to contribute.  Caroline has a very nice, calm manner but was able to re-focus the girls when necessary.”

Deputy Head

“Thank you so much for your calm, enthusiastic, positive and inspirational contribution”