Building Resilience Programme


Confident Teens ran a popular after-school Building Resilience Programme for several years.

Since the pandemic I have reassessed how Confident Teens can best support  the most number of teenage girls, and am now focused on offering online training and resources for teachers, so they are able to run confidence and resilience building sessions with teenage girls in school.

The first training is now available, please visit Teacher resources for building girls’ confidence.  This will be followed by further training, and I plan to make the full Building Resilience Programe available as online resource for teachers in Spring 2022.

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The information on the remainder of this page is for reference only, this programme is not available as a live programme.  Thank you for your support and interest in joining me to empower teen girls to believe in themselves.


Teen girls have so much going on – friendship difficulties, social media upsets, body image worries and academic pressures. When these pressures build up, and girls don’t develop the strategies to handle them, it can lead girls to be distracted, withdrawn or anxious. Sadly, all too often, mental health problems can sometimes develop.

In the Building Resilience after-school programme, girls are empowered to develop their skills and learn tools to better handle situations. 

The programme receives strong feedback from girls, teachers and parents.  Girls who have participated in the programme express themselves better in class, have improved friendships, increased body confidence, higher aspirations and a more positive mindset to handle challenges.

Empowering and encouraging girls

The programme is focuses on areas teen girls worry about – by exploring these areas and sharing ideas girls find their own approaches to handle the pressures.

Central to the programme is increasing self-awareness – the cornerstone of confidence and resilience. Girls are encouraged to self-reflect and consider how they respond to situations.

And between sessions they practise the skills they learn, to progress their personal development.

No one is ever put on the spot – it’s always a fun and supportive atmosphere!

Together with the varied resources in the sessions, every student has her own four-page workbook in every workshop, to use for self-reflection and keep afterwards (a series of six in all).  These resources can also be helpful for parents and carers to support their daughters.

The Building Resilience programme consists of a series of six workshops encompassing:

“I’m so glad I signed my daughter up for this course. I’ve seen an improvement in her confidence and happiness, and her form tutor has noticed her development too.”


“It’s really fun and interesting and you get to improve your confidence”


Developing self-awareness and building girls’ self-belief and pride in their own individuality.

Building skills and confidence to contribute positively in class and express themselves more confidently.

Encouraging girls to be ambitious for their futures, consider different careers and work out their own goals and plans to achieve these.

Developing girls’ awareness of media messages about bodies, and empowering them to gently build confidence in their changing bodies.

Empowering girls to better understand relationships, and recognise healthy / unhealthy behaviour

Celebrating their talents and abilities, and giving girls an opportunity to reflect back what they have learnt through the programme.

Learning life skills and building a positive mindset

During the workshops girls enjoy a range of different activities, working individually and in groups.  

Impact of Confidence Workshop in schools:


95% of girls rate the workshops as excellent or good,
with two-thirds reporting a positive change in their attitude and approach.

Proven track record in schools

This six-week programme for Years 7, 8 and 9 girls has a proven track record in schools and academies, receiving excellent feedback from students, teachers and parents.

At the end of the programme every girl is awarded a certificate to mark their completion of the programme.

Measuring impact and providing evidence

Measuring impact and providing evidence is integral to the programme, including students’ written feedback of their experience. These findings are compiled into a report for the school, alongside examples of output from the sessions.  A top-line summary of the programme is given to parents.


To ask any questions, or find out more, please email

We look forward to empowering your teen girls to develop their ideas and strategies for handling the pressures they face, and so building their confidence and resilience.

“This programme had a significant impact on our students. They have developed their self-awareness, personal skills and become more self-assured. I recommend it highly.”

Frances Manning, Headteacher,
Hitchin Girls’ School

“This programme has been fantastic for my daughter.  I have seen a remarkable difference in her.  She still talks about ways you taught her to deal with situations”


“I’ve learnt how to value myself and everything about me”