Confidence workshop for teenage girls

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colourful panel for the confidence workshop for teenage girls called Be Yourself . Love Yourself,

Growing up as a girl in 2023 can be tricky!

Perhaps your daughter / niece / goddaughter is starting to worry about her appearance, having ups and downs with friends, or starting to feel pressure at school?

You’re encouraging and supporting her, but you feel she doesn’t always hear you.

I can help.

Since 2014 I’ve been empowering girls through confidence workshops at schools. Now I’m offering online classes for girls. Teaching small groups of girls ideas and tips to build their self-belief.

“Be Yourself. Love Yourself” Online class

I’ll teach each girl to:

• To appreciate her uniqueness
• To build her self-awareness and appreciation through fun activities
• To recognise the talents and skills she is already developing
• A quick confidence boost technique to use anytime
• To develop kinder self-talk

For girls aged 10 to 12 (other classes will be available soon for 14-16 year olds).

The next class is 10.30am on Thursday 27 July 2023.  This is for a small group – only 6 places are available.

Our approach to empowering teen girls

Girls often have the answer to overcoming their difficulties themselves. Together, let’s support, guide, encourage and believe in them, as they learn to navigate their teen years, figure things out, and grow further into the amazing human beings they are. In my years of running live workshops with teen girls, it’s been a privilege to witness how resourceful, perceptive, supportive, determined, funny, caring and ambitious teen girls can be. They don’t need “fixing”, they simply need some simple guidance, so they can learn some tools to best navigate their teen years and beyond.

Girls chatting whilst looking at phone after attendign confidence workshop teenage girls

“It helped me realise I don’t have to hide away and not give my opinion, I am a valued person”

12 year old student 

“An excellent session. The girls’ confidence has definitely improved. Great resources!”


“I have learnt to be more confident in myself and to think more positively” 

14 year old student

Confident Teens’ five building blocks of building girls’ confidence:

Green graphic panel saying self-awareness as part of teacher resources for building girls’ confidence

Enabling students to build a sense of their own identity and uniqueness. Such an important starting point for developing confidence.

Pink graphic panel saying role models and goal setting as part of teacher resources for building girls’ confidence

Being inspired by role models, and what they have overcome in their lives, students then set their own goals and make plans to achieve them.

Brown graphic panel saying building body confidence as part of teacher resources for building girls’ confidence

Through understanding messages in society around “perfect bodies”, exposing the prevalence of photoshopping and valuing our inner selves.

Blue panel saying expressing themselves as part of teacher resources for building girls’ confidence

Teaching students how to express themselves assertively, which helps to increase students’ confidence for speaking in class as well as with their friends and adults.

Pale green panel saying how we talk to ourselves as part of teacher resources for building girls’ confidence

Developing awareness of how girls speak to themselves, they learn how to be encouraging to themselves, enabling them to further build their confidence over time.

Feedback from students following Building Confidence workshop

“I’ve learnt to ignore what others think, do what I love and learn to be happy with myself”

Hailey (aged 14)

“This workshop inspired our students to believe in themselves and grow in confidence. Highly recommended”


“I learnt that celebrities are not always good role models for image and that I should respect myself more”

Sarah (aged 14)