For girls at home - Pre-recorded videos

Growing up as a girl in 2024 can be tricky!

Is the teen girl in your life having ups and downs with friends, worries about her appearance or feeling pressure at school?

There’s many different pressures during the teen years (and often earlier than puberty).

It’s not easy to help girls build their self-belief, but there’s plenty we can do.

Since 2014 I’ve been developing resources and activities to empower girls to build their self-awareness, improve their self-talk and foster self-belief.

I’m offering a series of pre-recorded videos that girls can watch to support them to get to know themselves better, appreciate their uniqueness and gently build their confidence step-by-step.


asian girl wearing purple cardigan glasses looking hougthful girl for online confidence classes for girls

Feedback from girls who have enjoyed Confident Teens sessions

“I now feel like I can say my answers confidently and talk to more people”  Year 8 student

“I’ve learnt that we are all different and unique in our special way” 
Year 7 student

“Understanding how to make myself feel better after over-thinking”
Year 9 student