A girl who looks to be experiencing teenage anxiety with the headline training and resources for teachers to run confidence building sessions for teenage girls at school

Are the girls in your class struggling with teenage anxiety?

Teen girls face many pressures in our highly sexualised, appearance-obsessed, social media absorbed culture.  This often causes teenage anxiety which can affect girls’ well-being, as well as distract them in class, and can prevent them making the progress they are capable of.   As a teacher you will be aware of how a lack of confidence can affect girls, for example in their reluctance to contribute in class, low aspirations for themselves, as well as friendship and relationship difficulties.

Confident Teens has run confidence and resilience workshops in schools with teenage girls, to encourage them to believe in themselves and value themselves.  Our empowering approach enables girls to build self-awareness, inner confidence and bigger ambitions, so they are able to best navigate their teen years and beyond.  The workshops received strong feedback from students themselves, as well as teachers and parents.

Training and resources for teachers

Now we want to put the tools and resources of these workshops into the hands of teachers, so you can use them to empower teen girls to build their confidence, and help them to reduce their teenage anxiety.  The sessions are suitable for girls aged 11 to 14.  The resources are flexible to use, so you can choose whether to run a one or two hour session, or shorter 20 minute sessions, perhaps in a lunchtime or after-school club.

However you choose to use the workshop materials, you’ll find them easy to understand and straightforward to use.  We provide all resources you need (slides and workbook PDFs) to run sessions to empower girls to build their confidence.

This online training will be available in February 2022.  If you’d like to be notified when it’s available, please complete the  form here, and we will be in touch.  There are more details on the training and resources here.

If you are a parent or carer seeking support for your daughter, you will find ideas for resources here





of girls rate workshop excellent or good



of girls reporting a positive change in their attitude and approach 

Example of feedback from students and teachers following workshops


“I’ve learnt to ignore what others think, do what I love and learn to be happy with myself”

Hailey (aged 14)

“This workshop inspired our students to believe in themselves and grow in confidence. Highly recommended”


“I learnt that celebrities are not always good role models for image and that I should respect myself more”

Sarah (aged 14)