Teacher resources for building girls confidence – Coming January 2022

Panel saying Teacher training and resources for Confidence workshop from Confident Teens with an illustration of energetic confident people

Since 2014 Confident Teens has been running workshops in schools with groups of girls to empower them to build their confidence, receiving strong feedback from students and teachers.  In order to reach and support more students, from January 2022, Confidence Teens is changing its approach and will be offering teacher resources for building girls confidence.  This means that teachers will be able to run confidence-building sessions themselves with their students.  These sessions have been designed for girls aged 11 to 14.

This will be available through an online platform where teachers will be able to access all the resources and training to run the Confidence workshop.  This workshop has a proven track record, with hundreds of teenage girls having benefited from it since 2014.

Girls are under so much pressure during their teenage years, whether that’s the ever-present social media stress, worries about their appearance, problems with their family, difficulties or pressures at school, and many more.  This can affect their well-being, their sense of their own identity and create anxiety.  A 2016 report by the Department of Education found 37% of girls reported feeling “unhappy, worthless or unable to concentrate”.  Sadly, without support, this can develop into mental health difficulties, which many teachers are seeing increasingly amongst their students.

And all of this can impact students’ learning and progress.

The Confidence Workshop focuses on supporting girls to develop a sense of their own identity and developing their resourcefulness to handle the pressures of their teenage years.

Building blocks for developing confidence in teenage girls

The Confidence Workshop encompasses five key building blocks for developing confidence in teenage girls:

  • Developing self-awareness, to enable students build a sense of their own identity and uniqueness. This is such an important starting point for developing confidence.
  • Being inspired by role models, and what they have overcome in their lives. This encourages students to set their own goals and make plans to achieve them.  Read this blog on Students setting goals can raise aspirations – but they need something else too for examples of the approach we take.
  • Addressing issues around body confidence through understanding the messages in society around “perfect bodies” from when they are young girls. The extent of photoshopping is exposed, to help girls understand it’s not reasonable for them to compare themselves.  The value of our inner selves, and not our appearance, is emphasised.  Read this blog on Three ways to improve girls’ body confidence to understand how we approach building body confidence.
  • Learning how to express ourselves assertively, which helps to increase students’ confidence for speaking in class and with their friends, and is a key ingredient for girls to feel more confident in themselves
  • Reframing our thoughts to build our confidence, so students learn how they can support themselves to develop their confidence on an ongoing basis

Comprehensive materials for sessions

For each of these five areas, the online training includes all the necessary teacher resources for building girls confidence.  This includes the slides to use in the sessions, plus worksheets to download for students to use in the session (either as a hard copy or students can have and edit the PDF files).

The training has been designed to be easy to use, with short videos for teachers to view for each section of the workshop, as well as accompanying reference notes for teachers to facilitate the sessions.

Power of self-reflection

The teacher resources for building girls confidence includes a worksheet for every session, for each student to use for self-reflection.  This has been a powerful part of the Confidence workshop from the beginning, as it provides an opportunity for each student to consider and develop their own thoughts, as well as keep the worksheet after the sessions, to add to and refer back to.

Flexible approach to use at school

The whole Confidence Workshop is two hours long.  The training will offer a flexible approach, with teachers able to choose whether they run shorter 10-20 minute sessions with students, or combine them into a longer one or two hour workshop.

These teacher resources for building girls confidence could be used to set up a “Confidence club” at school, to run during lunchtime or after-school.  Or the resources could form part of form time activities, or part of the PSHE programme.

Feedback from teachers

Teachers who have observed facilitators from Confident Teens delivering this Confidence workshop with girls have given strong feedback including:

“An excellent session.  The girls’ confidence has definitely improved.  Great resources!” Teacher

“I liked the range of thought-provoking questions/quotes/clips and how you kept the girls moving from one activity to another” Teacher

Feedback from students

Students have engaged well with the material, contributing positively to group discussions, and taking part in the different activities.  They also have an opportunity to self-reflect, by using the worksheets that are provided for every session.  Students have fed back:

“It was excellent. I have a sense of confidence and feel more positive and ambitious for the future”
Year 8 Student

“I’ve learnt to believe in myself and not to care what others think of me”
Year 9 student

“I’ve learnt that not everyone
looks like a barbie doll, and you don’t have to look like that to be accepted” 
Year 9 student

By providing these teacher resources for building girls confidence, we hope that many more girls will experience the benefits of these confidence-building activities at their school, so they develop their self-belief and resourcefulness for their teenage years, and beyond.

This training will be available in January 2022.  To receive details when it’s released, please complete your details in the form below.