So many girls experience friendship difficulties.  And with many schools running school trips, with all the associated risk assessment and logistics, one of the factors that can significantly impact how smoothly the trip goes are these friendship difficulties between the students.

The inherent competitiveness that exists amongst many teen girls – exam grades, appearance, social media likes, sports performance – means friendships can be disrupted. And the excitement and additional time spent together on school trips exacerbates this.

Three ideas you can use to empower teen girls to navigate their friendship difficulties

Consistent with the approach we use in our workshops, these are posed as coaching questions to enable you to adapt the ideas and find the best approach for you and your students.

Valuing themselves

All our relationships start with the one we have with ourselves. And that relationship pivots on how we speak to ourselves. With an encouraging and positive “inner voice”, instead of a grumpy, critical one, we come from a position of strength and are able to meet people in an equal and supportive way.

When a student reaches out to you for support for her friendship upset, how can you empower her to start to value herself by encouraging her to change her perspective and value a quality in herself? A crucial step for her friendships to be more positive.

We can’t control other people

Many adults – myself included – have to learn this over and over. But it’s so true! All we can do is control our thinking and behaviour in a situation, not control the other person.

How can you support a student to understand this? The sooner in life we learn this lesson the greater the opportunity we create to have positive relationships.

Recognising unhealthy behaviour

And we all have choices in our relationships. If we consistently tolerate unhealthy behaviour in relationships it affects our self-worth. But the secret is to be able to recognise unhealthy behaviour when we experience it. This is the learning from a powerful exercise we run with teen girls in our SRE Confidence workshop, where students distinguish between healthy and unhealthy behaviour in relationships.

So how can you support a student to recognise whether the behaviour she’s experiencing in her friendship is unhealthy or healthy behaviour AND that they have choices in how they can react.

Upcoming SRE Day?

If you’re planning an SRE day for your students, take a look at our SRE Day Confidence workshop.

It focuses on empowering girls to develop self-worth – the basis for teen girls to handle the many pressures of relationships and their sexuality. For example, a girl who values herself is much less likely to sext than a girl who is lacking self-belief and so is seeking approval or attention from others.

In our small group workshops we empower girls to develop practical understanding, skills and tools, essential for them to handle the complexities and pressures of SRE.

Measurement of impact is embedded in the workshop, with every student completing a feedback from, which are compiled into a report for the school. The format is flexible, with a workshop length of 1, 2 or 3 hours (or anywhere in between!).

“Pupils felt safe in the environment and were able to speak freely” Teacher

“It’s great because it helped me understand issues that are not spoken enough about” Year 8 student

We are now taking bookings for 2019/20 academic year.

If you would like to explore how this workshop could work for your SRE Day, please contact us here.