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Thank you for visiting this page having received my letter.  Below you’ll find:

  • 3 minute video giving tour of the online progamme
  • How it works – 4 steps
  • Link to buy the programme at the special offer price of £50
  • Feedback from girls and teachers

I’m Caroline Walker, and I’m passionate about supporting, encouraging and empowering young people to believe in themselves and be proud of who they are.

I have been working with children and teenagers since 2014 and have supported hundreds of girls in dozens of schools.  Although my focus is on girls, these materials also work well with mixed classes.

If you have any questions, please contact me on caroline@confidentteens.co.uk

Caroline Walker wearing pink zebra shirt who is founder of Confident Teens Ltd welcoming parents and carers

3 minute video tour: Teacher resources for building girls’ confidence

Five building blocks of confidence in this online programme

Green block saying self-awareness
Pink graphic panel saying role models and goal setting as part of teacher resources for building girls’ confidence
Brown graphic panel saying building body confidence as part of teacher resources for building girls’ confidence
Blue panel saying expressing themselves as part of teacher resources for building girls’ confidence

How it works: 4 steps

Step 1
Buy the programme and gain immediate access to ready-to-go resources:  Slides / Notes / Pupil worksheets / Impact forms all included.

Step 2
Plan how you’ll use the resources, ideas include:

  • Run a series of 6 short sessions as intervention with specific pupils, or as part of your transition programme for Year 6
  • Deliver a 2 hour Building Confidence workshop for the whole of Year 5 and/or Year 6 – in their normal classes, or have girls / boys separately
  • Run some activities in form time to build pupils’ confidence
  • Use resources for a lunch-time or after-school confidence club
  • Incorporate as part of your PSHE programme

Step 3
Share resources with your colleagues – included in your single purchase.  After purchase, you’ll receive the straightforward instructions for your colleagues to set up their own accounts.

Step 4
Use impact forms to review feedback from pupils about the sessions, to plan further interventions and support.

Special offer £50
(normal price £195)

Access for all teachers
at your school

What’s included?


  • Ready-to-go resources: Slides / Reference notes / Pupil worksheets / Impact forms – all included
  • All teachers at your school have access – every teacher creates their own account
  • 12 months access
  • On demand – no need to wait, immediate access
  • Monthly Q&A sessions to connect with other teachers and answer any questions

If you’d prefer to receive an invoice, please click here

Closing date for offer 30 June 2023.



Contact us on hello@confidentteens.co.uk


Feedback from pupils after they enjoyed building confidence sessions

“I liked the range of thought-provoking questions/quotes/clips in the sessions” Teacher

“I’ve learnt how to be confident and who I really am and I’ve learnt how to be true and positive to myself”

“You are your own person, so you shouldn’t compare yourself to others”