Impact of our media culture on body confidence and what to do

Body confidence is such a tough area for many teen girls.  And as adults it’s challenging for us to really understand how different it is growing up now, in an era of (near 100%) photo-shopping, ever-present social media, popularity of celebrities and even what we watch on TV – such as the glossy actors and actresses in Netflix dramas.

The first step to support our teen girls to be accepting of their bodies, is to support them to see how toxic our media culture is.  How it incessantly and insidiously communicates the message that for girls and women their value is defined by their appearance, and how damaging that perception is.

Listen to Caroline Walker, founder of Confident Teens, share her views on this challenging topic with a simple idea of how we can support teen girls to build their body confidence.

Empowering teen girls

Confident Teens runs a Building Resilience programme for girls in Years 7, 8 and 9 to combat the pressures that teen girls experience through building their confidence, resilience and skills for handling different situations. Girls are in a stronger position to progress at school, both personally and academically. See more details here.

Find out about the availability of the Building Resilience programme at your school by contacting Caroline Walker on