Mindset Strategies for A-level Success

Some students in Years 12 and 13 find it difficult to handle the pressure in the lead up to their A-levels.  The resulting stress can cause some students to experience mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. As well as affecting their well-being, this can impede their progress for their A-levels and possibly prevent them for achieving their best grades. For example some students can see teacher feedback as personal criticisms, rather than useful learning opportunities, which can inhibit their progress.

This programme of four workshops is focused on the mindset and approach of students for their        A-levels. The programme enables students to better handle their anxiety and develop their own strategies for approaching their A-levels with a calm, positive and determined approach.

The workshops include group discussion, self-reflection and activities to develop students’ thinking and resourcefulness. An encouraging and supportive coaching approach is taken throughout, enabling students to come up with their own ideas and strategies. Whilst the sessions do not cover revision or exam techniques, insights into productivity practises are included. 

The sessions empower students to approach their A-levels with the mental mindset to achieve their best. The sessions are run with small groups of up to ten students.

Outcomes of the programme

Over the programme of four one-hour workshops students:

  • Understand and express how they are feeling, and learn how they can reframe their thinking/behaviour
  • Learn techniques and approaches for handling their anxiety
  • Develop strategies for their own productivity to study effectively for their A-levels
  • Embrace a growth mindset approach and what this means for their daily habits and approaches
  • Be empowered with relaxation and mindfulness exercises they can use ongoing to quieten their minds to improve focus
  • Develop their support network, including their own inner dialogue and develop their skills in self-reflection so they are progressing

Throughout the programme students are encouraged to self-reflect and consider how they will encompass the tools they have learnt in their daily habits,  to reduce their anxiety about their A-levels.  Students are held accountable for their personal development by reviewing their ongoing progress.

The founder of Confident Teens, Caroline Walker, was a high achieving student at a state grammar school, and went on to study at Cambridge University. She clearly remembers the pressures leading up to A-levels with her high expectations of herself, and uses this experience and everything she has learnt since to support, encourage and empower young people to develop their self-belief, resourcefulness and their own strategies to handle the stresses of this time, to be able to perform at their best.

 “Two-thirds of students who took part have shown progress for their academic outcomes in our latest datacapture, and are happier in themselves too. The after session feedback has been invaluable for me in measuring impact”
Director of 6th Form

“It was really useful in helping me feel less stressed and motivated me to do more work” 
Year 13 student 

“I now know how to organise my time and understand what works best for me” Year 13 student 

Measuring effectiveness of workshops to reduce A level Anxiety

Every student completes a feedback form at the end of each workshop, and we summarise this feedback into a report, so you can understand what the students got out of the session.

Flexible format – during time-table or after-school

This programme can be run during enrichment sessions for the 6th form, or as an after-school programme, paid for by parents. 

Our workshops are available to schools in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire and London. This workshop is suitable for female Year 12 and Year 13 students.


To ask any questions, please email hello@confidentteens.co.uk Or use our contact form to send us your email address and we’ll be in touch to help.

We look forward to speaking with you about how we can support your students to develop their mindset strategies for success in their A-levels.

“I’ve learnt how to get a handle on tackling anxiety” Year 13 student

“I’ve learnt that we are all different and to not compare myself and how to stop negative thoughts” Year 13 student

“It has really helped me find a different, more positive perspective on things that cause me stress” Year 13 student