Self-awareness module - FAQ


What age is this for?

Designed for girls aged 11 to 14.

Suitable for boys too?


Whilst Confident Teens is focused on supporting girls, most of our materials can be used for mixed classes.

How long is the session?

20 minutes; it can be extended with more time for activities and discussions.

If you have other questions, please email us on and we’d be happy to help.


This Self-awareness module will enable you to to run a 20-minute session with teen girls in your class. You’ll soon see the difference it makes for them.

  • Encourages them to embrace their uniqueness
  • Recognise their talents
  • Be proud of themselves
  • Start building their confidence – step by step.

Feedback from students

“I’ve learnt to think more confidently about myself and what I can do to make a difference” 13 year-old-girl

“I will be viewing myself in a new light and not focusing on the flaws” 14 year-old-girl

“Today I feel much more confident and feel better in myself” 14 year-old-girl