SRE Day Confidence Workshop

Girls face many pressures during their teen years including growing up in a highly sexualised media culture. It’s unsurprising that many girls experience confusion and anxiety around sex and relationships.  Without support to develop strategies to handle these pressures, it can be difficult for teen girls to manage and can affect their confidence, well-being and progress at school.

Many schools organise a SRE Day where a year group is off timetable and given the opportunity to gain support and insights into this complex area.

Confident Teens offers a Confidence workshop, tailored for a SRE Day, to support teen girls to develop their self-worth and resourcefulness, so they are in a stronger position to handle the pressures of relationships.  This addresses the root of many issues.  For example, a girl who values herself is much less likely to sext than a girl who is lacking self-belief and so is seeking approval or attention.

Instead of a talk, the workshop style enables students to develop their own ideas and strategies through activities, group discussion and self-reflection.  And this often has a more sustainable impact, as students are actively involved in coming up with their own answers.

Outcomes from the SRE Confidence workshop

This two hour workshop is run with groups of girls at a time and is suitable for Years 7, 8 or 9 girls.  It can form part of a SRE Day or an aspect of PSHE.

Through self-reflection, group discussion and focused activities students:

  • Develop their self-awareness through understanding themselves
  • Build an appreciation of their own individuality and unique talents
  • Understand the differences between passive, assertive and aggressive communication and learn ways to express themselves assertively in different situations
  • Develop their understanding and recognition of behaviours in healthy and unhealthy relationships, providing empowering insights for their own relationships
  • Recognise they have choices available to them in any situation

Every student has her own 4 page full colour workbook to use in the session, and keep for reference afterwards.

Measuring impact

Every girl completes a feedback form at the end of the session.  The responses are summarised into a report for the school, to provide insights into what the girls gained from the workshop.

Booking this SRE Confidence workshop

If you’d like your year-group of girls to develop their self-belief and resourcefulness for handling the pressures around SRE, please get in touch via or use our contact us form.  This workshop can be part of your SRE Day or an aspect of PSHE delivery.

“Pupils were encouraged to participate and listen to each other through sensitive questions.”


“It’s great because it helped me understand issues that are not spoken enough about”

Hannah (aged 14)

“Pupils felt safe in the environment and were able to speak freely”


“You have taught us very good life skills and how to be confident in many different situations”.

Thea (aged 13)