Teacher resources for building girls' confidence

- Empower your students quickly and easily, with minimal prep

Run confidence-building sessions for teenage girls using these proven resources. Develop your own skills for empowering students.

  • Concerned about girls who lack confidence?
  • Worried low self-esteem gets in the way of their wellbeing and learning?
  • Don’t have time to trawl YouTube and elsewhere to find resources to help them live the best possible version of themselves?
visual of before and after photoshop and worksheet as example resources for teacher resources for building girls confidence

You’re in the right place.  Confident Teens can help.

I’m Caroline Walker, I set up Confident Teens because I was so concerned about pressures that girls face in their teen years.  A highly sexualised culture, plus the obsession with appearance, all amplified through the prevalence of social media – to name a few.   Really tough for growing girls!

As a teacher you will be seeing the resulting anxiety, and the issues this creates.  Affecting girls’ well-being, as well distracting them from their learning and ability to progress at school.

Girls can learn the building blocks of confidence

It is possible for girls to feel differently about themselves. For them to have greater self-belief. They just need to learn key building blocks of confidence.

I taught girls these building blocks through running confidence workshops in schools.  Empowering hundreds of girls to build their self-awareness, develop kinder self-talk and grow their self-belief.

Picture of Caroline Walker, founder and director of Confident Teens

Now I’ve created these Teacher resources for building girls’ confidence, based on my tried-and-tested confidence workshop.  Enabling teachers like you to run these sessions yourselves with your students.

The programme includes five building blocks of developing confidence:

Green graphic panel saying self-awareness as part of teacher resources for building girls’ confidence

Developing self-awareness is the starting point for building confidence. 

The activities in this module enable students to build a sense of their own identity and uniqueness.

There are activities encouraging them to self-reflect, using their worksheet to capture their thoughts.

Also, discussions to facilitate them building pride in their own individuality.

And a practical exercise for them to really feel this pride.

Pink graphic panel saying role models and goal setting as part of teacher resources for building girls’ confidence

Students are invited to consider ther role models, and what they have overcome in their lives – using this as a spring-board to think about what they want in their own lives.

Students learn about effective goal setting.

Using their worksheet students decide short and long term goals.

Students learn how to go about achieving their goals, by creating step-by-step plans, and focusing on their daily habits to move towards their goals. 

Brown graphic panel saying building body confidence as part of teacher resources for building girls’ confidence

Body confidence is so challenging for many girls.  This module approaches it step by step…

Firstly teaching girls that they are bombarded by messages in society around “perfect bodies” from their toddler years.  And how – understandably – confusing this is.

There are invaluable resources for exposing the prevalence of photoshopping.

Crucially the module then outlines activities enabling girls to value their inner selves, to empower them to move away from an all-consuming focus on appearance. 

Blue panel saying expressing themselves as part of teacher resources for building girls’ confidence

Many girls find it difficult to express themselves clearly, whether that is in class or speaking up for themselves with their friends.   This can really affect their confidence. 

In this module, students learn how to express themselves assertively.

The resources include different scenarios so students can practise these skills in small groups. 

In their worksheet, students consider in what situations they are going to express themselves more, noting ideas to remember to help them do this. 

Pale green panel saying how we talk to ourselves as part of teacher resources for building girls’ confidence

The final module brings everything together, as it teaches girls how they can be kinder to themselves.  How they can decide what their inner voice is saying to them.

This often unlocks a girl’s confidence.

The resources include exercises for girls to learn how they can see every situation in different ways.  

Girls learn how to be be encouraging to themselves, enabling them to further build their confidence over time. 

See what’s inside Teacher resources for building girls’ confidence

– video tour

And here’s how it works

Step 1

Buy the programme and gain immediate access to ready-to-go resources:  Slides / Notes / Student worksheets / Impact forms all included.

Step 2

Plan how you’ll use the resources, ideas include: 

  • Run a series of 6 short sessions as intervention with specific students 
  • Deliver a 2 hour Building Confidence workshop for a whole year group – as part of drop-down / off-timetable day  
  • Run some activities in form time to build students’ confidence
  • Use resources for a lunch-time or after-school confidence club
  • Incorporate as part of your PSHE programme

“The resources are so easy to use and even when conversations go off track they mean I can easily bring it back.”

Pastoral Manager, Mixed secondary school


Step 3

Share resources with your colleagues – included in your single purchase.  You’ll receive simple instructions for your colleagues to set up their own accounts.

Step 4

Use impact forms to review feedback from girls about the sessions, to plan further interventions and support. 

Schools often use the resources in different ways with different age groups.

Increase girls’ self-belief with this online programme and its five building blocks of confidence 


Access for all teachers
12 months

What’s included?

  • Ready-to-go resources: Slides / Reference notes / Student worksheets / Impact forms – all included
  • All teachers at your school have access – every teacher creates their own account
  • 12 months access
  • On demand – no need to wait, immediate access
  • Monthly Q&A sessions to connect with other teachers and answer any questions

To provide maximum value for schools, access includes both:

2 hour Building Confidence workshop


  • Ideal for drop-down / off-timetable days
  • As teachers run sessions, reduces cost and complexities of using outside speakers
  • Whole year groups benefit from building their confidence

Series of 6 x 20 minute sessions


  • Use in form-time or PSHE or student clubs
  • Use as targeted intervention for specific students
  • Suitable use of Pupil Premium budget – student feedback forms included to show impact

Both options included in single purchase.

Measuring impact at school

Student impact forms are included in the resources so you can see the impact of the session.  Handy to share with SLT.

Feedback from teachers…

“This Confident Teens intervention has been perfect in the girls school where I work. It has made so much of a difference to their confidence.  An excellent purchase.” Teacher

“An excellent session.  The girls’ confidence has definitely improved.  Great resources!” Teacher

Girls learn to believe in themselves – this is what they say… 

“It was excellent. I have a sense of confidence and feel more positive and ambitious for the future”
Girl (aged 12)

“I’ve learnt to believe in myself and not to care what others think of me”

Girl (aged 13)

“I’ve learnt that not everyone
looks like a barbie doll, and you don’t have to look like that to be accepted”
Girl (aged 13)

Frequently asked questions

How will I access the materials?

The materials will be available on an easy-to-use online platform.  Once you have made your purchase you will receive details of your first account to login straight away.  You will then receive details of how your colleagues can create their own accounts and logins.

Do I receive a receipt?

Yes, you will automatically recieve a receipt to your email address, following your online purchase.

How many teachers can access the materials?

Once you have purchased the appropriate package for your school, as many teachers as you like (at the same school) are able to create their own account to login and access the materials.

Can I download the materials?

Yes, once you have created your account, you can download the PDFs of the slides, notes and student worksheets.  These can then be used on whatever technology system you use at your school.

What proof do you have that these sessions work?

I have run this Confidence Workshop face to face with hundreds of girls in many schools.  In the feedback froms, on average 95% of girls rate the workshops as excellent or good, with two-thirds reporting a positive change in their attitude and approach.   To increase the impact of these sessions, I am now making these materials and resources available for teachers to use with their students.  Of course, every school and group of students is different, which means I cannot guarantee the outcome, but these materials have a proven track record of empowering teen girls to believe in themselves.

What age girls is this suitable for?

These confidence-building sessions have been designed for girls aged 11 to 14.

Am I going to need to spend hours getting up to speed with this?

No! I’ve developed these resources so they are easy to use.  You can listen to all six videos in less than an hour.  Each module has easy reference notes for you to use in each session too.

Can this be used with boys too?

The materials have been designed to support teenage girls.  At Confident Teens we have always focused on girls, as research shows that unfortunately girls at school experience levels of anxiety and stronger feelings of low worth than boys.  Once you are are familiar with the material, you may wish to use it with boys.  You are welcome to do so.  The ‘Building body confidence’ module is less appropriate for boys, as it features examples of media messages girls/women’s bodies.

Is it easy to use the tech?

Absolutely! The materials are hosted online platform, and it’s very easy to navigate, watch videos and download the resources (slides, notes and worksheet).

Any other question?

If your question has not been covered here, I’d love to help, please email me (Caroline Walker, founder of Confident Teens) at hello@confidentteens.co.uk .  I look forward to hearing from you, and helping you with your question

I'm from outside the UK, can I use these materials at my school?

These materials have been designed with UK girls in mind.  However, as you know, teen girls everywhere face similar pressures, so if you are teaching in a school other than the UK yes I believe this training and resources will be suitable.  You are welcome to email me (Caroline Walker, founder of Confident Teens) on hello@confidentteens.co.uk if you have any specific questions you’d like to ask about the suitability of the materials.


Access for all teachers
12 months

What’s included?

  • Ready-to-go resources: Slides / Reference notes / Student worksheets / Impact forms – all included
  • All teachers at your school have access – every teacher creates their own account
  • 12 months access
  • On demand – no need to wait, immediate access
  • Monthly Q&A sessions to connect with other teachers and answer any questions

By purchasing these teacher resources for building girls’ confidence you will have everything you need to support and guide girls to feel more confident about themselves, value their individuality and raise their aspirations – in turn helping them to progress at school.