Teacher resources for building girls' confidence

- Empower your students quickly and easily, with minimal prep
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Run confidence-building sessions for teenage girls using these proven resources. Develop your own skills for empowering students

  • Concerned about girls who lack confidence?
  • Concerned low self-esteem gets in the way of their wellbeing and learning?
  • Wish you had the time to create confidence-building resources to help them live the best possible version of themselves

    Building healthy teens

    It is possible for girls to feel differently about themselves. It is possible for them to have greater self-belief. They just need to learn those building blocks of confidence. We all want to encourage girls to value their individuality, raise their aspirations, and change their attitudes toward themselves and others. We know how much this contributes to them progressing at school and beyond.


    • Designed for use with girls aged 11 to 14
    • These tried-and-tested teacher resources for building girls’ confidence will help you help them
    • Explore ways to empower teenage girls
    • See the positive difference in your pupils
    • Join them on their journey

    Access the skills, strategies & tools you need to build girls’ confidence

    These teacher resources for building girls’ confidence will enable you to empower your students in a way that is quick and easy for you to implement – no additional research or sourcing materials is needed.

    It includes the slides, notes and students worksheets (so everything you need!) to run a series of short confidence-building sessions with students, or combine the sessions into a single two hour Confidence Workshop – the choice is yours.

    Perfect for small groups and whole classes.

    • 95% of girls rated the workshops as excellent or good.
    • Two in three reported a positive change in their attitude and approach.
    • This Building Confidence Workshop has been delivered with hundreds of teenage girls. It works.
    • I now want to share those materials with other practitioners.

    Access a free taster lesson

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    Flexible approach to use at school

    These materials offer a flexible approach, with teachers able to choose whether they run a series of shorter 10-20 minute sessions with students or combine them into a longer Building Confidence two-hour workshop.

    You are best placed to decide how to use these resources, some ideas for you to consider are:


    • As part of form-time activities
    • The whole year group of girls participating in workshops in groups (if possible we recommend a group size of 15), this could be part of a drop-down / off-timetable day
    • Running a club at school, at lunch-time or after-school
    • Part of PSHE programme

    The course covers five building blocks of developing confidence:

    Green graphic panel saying self-awareness as part of teacher resources for building girls’ confidence

    Enabling students to build a sense of their own identity and uniqueness. Such an important starting point for developing confidence.

    Pink graphic panel saying role models and goal setting as part of teacher resources for building girls’ confidence

    Being inspired by role models, and what they have overcome in their lives, students then set their own goals and make plans to achieve them.

    Brown graphic panel saying building body confidence as part of teacher resources for building girls’ confidence

    Through understanding messages in society around “perfect bodies”, exposing the prevalence of photoshopping and valuing our inner selves.

    Blue panel saying expressing themselves as part of teacher resources for building girls’ confidence

    Teaching students how to express themselves assertively, which helps to increase students’ confidence for speaking in class as well as with their friends and adults.

    Pale green panel saying how we talk to ourselves as part of teacher resources for building girls’ confidence

    Developing awareness of how girls speak to themselves, they learn how to be encouraging to themselves, enabling them to further build their confidence over time.

    See what’s inside the training – video tour

    Easy to use, with materials to download

    Everything is provided on a straightforward online platform, for you to access at a time to suit you.   The content is organised into separate modules, so you can easily access what you need.  In each one, there is a short video explaining each session (view all of them in less than an hour), plus PDFs to download:

    • Slides to use in every session – immediately ready for you to use
    • Notes for the slides – easy-reference notes for every slide
    • Student worksheets – for students to use for their own self-reflection during the session

    You will also have the opportunity to join monthly Q&A Zoom calls, to ask any questions about the materials, and to share ideas with other teachers about how you’re using the resources.

    Visual for Teacher resources for building girls confidence showing images of slides notes and worksheet

    Power of self-reflection embedded in sessions

    For each session, the teacher resources include a worksheet for each student to use for self-reflection.

    This has been a powerful part of the Confidence Workshop from the beginning.  It provides an opportunity for each student to consider and develop their own thoughts, as well as keep the worksheets after the sessions, to add to and refer back to.  This helps to embed the personal development of students.

    Measuring impact at school

    In order to measure the impact on students of the sessions, I have provided feedback forms within the resources that you can distribute to students to gain their feedback. I also welcome your feedback, and there is the opportunity to provide this within the online platform.

    Feedback from teachers

    “An excellent session.  The girls’ confidence has definitely improved.  Great resources!”

    “I liked the range of thought-provoking questions/quotes/clips and how you kept the girls moving from one activity to another” Teacher

    Feedback from students

    During the Confidence Workshops, students have engaged well with the material and contributed positively to group discussions, sharing their ideas and plans.  Students have enjoyed using the worksheets provided for every session to self-reflect.   Feedback from students includes:

    “It was excellent. I have a sense of confidence and feel more positive and ambitious for the future”
    Year 8 Student

    “I’ve learnt to believe in myself and not to care what others think of me”

    Year 9 student

    “I’ve learnt that not everyone
    looks like a barbie doll, and you don’t have to look like that to be accepted”
    Year 9 student

    Frequently asked questions

    How will I access the materials?

    The materials will be available on an easy-to-use online platform.  Once you have made your purchase you will receive details of your first account to login straight away.  You will then receive details of how your colleagues can create their own accounts and logins.

    Do I receive a receipt?

    Yes, you will automatically recieve a receipt to your email address, following your online purchase.

    How many teachers can access the materials?

    Once you have purchased the appropriate package for your school, as many teachers as you like (at the same school) are able to create their own account to login and access the materials.

    Can I download the materials?

    Yes, once you have created your account, you can download the PDFs of the slides, notes and student worksheets.  These can then be used on whatever technology system you use at your school.

    What proof do you have that these sessions work?

    I have run this Confidence Workshop face to face with hundreds of girls in many schools.  In the feedback froms, on average 95% of girls rate the workshops as excellent or good, with two-thirds reporting a positive change in their attitude and approach.   To increase the impact of these sessions, I am now making these materials and resources available for teachers to use with their students.  Of course, every school and group of students is different, which means I cannot guarantee the outcome, but these materials have a proven track record of empowering teen girls to believe in themselves.

    What age girls is this suitable for?

    These confidence-building sessions have been designed for girls aged 11 to 14.

    Am I going to need to spend hours getting up to speed with this?

    No! I’ve developed these resources so they are easy to use.  You can listen to all six videos in less than an hour.  Each module has easy reference notes for you to use in each session too.

    Can this be used with boys too?

    The materials have been designed to support teenage girls.  At Confident Teens we have always focused on girls, as research shows that unfortunately girls at school experience levels of anxiety and stronger feelings of low worth than boys.  Once you are are familiar with the material, you may wish to use it with boys.  You are welcome to do so.  The ‘Building body confidence’ module is less appropriate for boys, as it features examples of media messages girls/women’s bodies.

    Is it easy to use the tech?

    Absolutely! The materials are hosted online platform, and it’s very easy to navigate, watch videos and download the resources (slides, notes and worksheet).

    Any other question?

    If your question has not been covered here, I’d love to help, please email me (Caroline Walker, founder of Confident Teens) at hello@confidentteens.co.uk .  I look forward to hearing from you, and helping you with your question

    I'm from outside the UK, can I use these materials at my school?

    These materials have been designed with UK girls in mind.  However, as you know, teen girls everywhere face similar pressures, so if you are teaching in a school other than the UK yes I believe this training and resources will be suitable.  You are welcome to email me (Caroline Walker, founder of Confident Teens) on hello@confidentteens.co.uk if you have any specific questions you’d like to ask about the suitability of the materials.

    By purchasing these teacher resources for building girls’ confidence you will have everything you need to support and guide girls to feel more confident about themselves, value their individuality and raise their aspirations – in turn helping them to progress at school.