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I am investigating the best way to provide a written workbook, that parents could use to support their daughters to grow their self-awareness, develop kinder self-talk, and build their self-belief.

I will let you know more details once available.

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Caroline Walker
Director & Founder
Confident Teens Ltd

Caroline Walker wearing pink zebra shirt who is founder of Confident Teens Ltd welcoming parents and carers

Feedback from students after they enjoyed building confidence sessions

“I’ve learnt that everything you see isn’t real and that what is in the inside is more important, and that I should love myself, cause my opinion is the only one that matters” Year 9 student

“I’ve learnt to think more confidently about myself and what I can do to make a difference” Year 8 student

“I’ve learnt how to be confident and who I really am and I’ve learnt how to be true and positive to myself” Year 7 student